IVE’s Sensational “After LIKE” Surpasses 300M Streams on Spotify

IVE's Global Spotify Domination: Another Track Joins the 300M Club

IVE's Sensational "After LIKE" Surpasses 300M Streams on Spotify


Riding the wave of unprecedented success, IVE‘s chart-topping track “After LIKE” has eclipsed 300 million streams on Spotify. This feat follows closely behind “LOVE DIVE,” making it their second song to break into the 300M stream club.

Their premier song, “ELEVEN,” showcases an impressive trajectory, having surpassed 260 million streams on the platform. Moreover, “I AM,” the acclaimed title track from their debut album, is making rapid strides towards the 200 million stream mark, currently boasting over 170 million listens. Not to be left behind, “Kitsch” has also gracefully crossed the 100 million threshold.

What makes “After LIKE” stand out is its modern twist on the classic 1980’s hit “I Will Survive.” Infused with contemporary relationship insights and encapsulating IVE’s distinctive musicality, the track resonates deeply with listeners worldwide.

Making waves not only on domestic charts, “After LIKE” solidified IVE’s global standing by performing exceptionally on Spotify’s worldwide charts. Their groundbreaking entry into Spotify’s USA daily chart, especially as a 2021 debut group, further underscores their rising international prominence. Furthermore, the track earned a coveted spot on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist in the USA, while also maintaining a robust presence on South Korean streaming services.

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