IVE Shatters First-Day Sales Record with Stellar ‘I’ve MINE’ Release

Soaring Popularity: IVE's Impressive Sales Milestone with 'I've MINE'

IVE Shatters First-Day Sales Record with Stellar 'I've MINE' Release


IVE has set a new benchmark in the industry with their latest mini-album ‘I’ve MINE’, accompanied by the mesmerizing music video for their lead track “Baddie.”

Data released by the Hanteo chart on October 13 KST reveals that the sensational girl group managed to sell a whopping 726,455 copies of their new album on its debut day.

This monumental achievement signifies IVE’s consistent rise in the music scene as they have surpassed their own previous record of approximately 600,000 units, set by ‘I’ve IVE’, on its release day.

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