IU’s New Music Video Featuring BTS’ V: A Creative Collaboration with Director Uhm Tae Hwa

IU and Director Uhm Tae Hwa Reunite for an Artistic MV Starring BTS' V

IU's New Music Video Featuring BTS' V: A Creative Collaboration with Director Uhm Tae Hwa


In a thrilling blend of music and film artistry, IU, the beloved K-pop singer-songwriter, has joined forces with renowned director Uhm Tae Hwa, known for the 2023 hit film ‘Concrete Utopia’, for her much-anticipated music video starring BTS’ V. This collaboration is generating immense excitement among fans, especially with the inclusion of V, adding an extra layer of anticipation ahead of his military enlistment.

The news, which broke on December 7, has set the K-pop community abuzz. IU’s label, EDAM Entertainment, confirmed the collaboration, stating that the filming has been completed and that IU is now focusing on her other project, ‘You Have Done Well’. This marks another significant milestone in IU’s illustrious career, showcasing her continuous evolution as an artist.

This collaboration isn’t the first time IU and Uhm Tae Hwa have worked together. They previously teamed up for the video production of IU’s 10th-anniversary concert in 2018, making this reunion even more special. Additionally, this project highlights IU’s ongoing connection with BTS, following her successful previous works with SUGA, including the hit tracks “Eight” and “People Part 2”.

IU’s upcoming music video is more than just a song release; it’s a testament to her artistic versatility and her ability to bring together different creative worlds. With Uhm Tae Hwa’s cinematic vision and V’s charismatic presence, this music video is poised to be a standout addition to IU’s already impressive discography.

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