Hwasa’s “I Love My Body” Music Video Achieves Remarkable Milestone with 20 Million Views

A Stellar Week: Hwasa's New Release Dominates Global Charts

Hwasa's "I Love My Body" Music Video Achieves Remarkable Milestone with 20 Million Views


In a remarkable display of her musical prowess, Hwasa’s latest music video for the hit single “I Love My Body” has achieved a significant milestone, garnering over 20 million views within just a week of its release. This news comes directly from her agency, PNATION, which confirmed the achievement on September 14.

The digital single, which was officially released on September 6, has not only been a hit in terms of views but has also dominated various global charts. A day after its unveiling, the music video secured the top spot on the YouTube MV Trending Worldwide Chart, a testament to its widespread appeal and the magnetic charisma of Hwasa as a solo artist.

Furthermore, the song’s immediate success was reflected in its performance on iTunes, where it clinched the top position in eight different countries around the globe. Its influence also extended to the Billboard charts, where it secured a respectable eighth place in the world digital song sales category.

This release marks Hwasa’s first venture since her collaboration with PNATION, a move that has evidently been met with enthusiasm from both her dedicated fan base and the wider audience. The anticipation surrounding this partnership and the subsequent release of “I Love My Body” has clearly paid off, with the song establishing itself as a firm favorite among music enthusiasts worldwide.

As Hwasa continues to make waves in the music industry, fans and critics alike eagerly await to see what heights she will reach next. With a promising start under her new agency, the sky seems to be the limit for this talented artist.

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