Hui from Pentagon Conquers Global iTunes with ‘WHU IS ME: Complex’

Hui's Solo Venture 'WHU IS ME: Complex' Achieves International iTunes Success

Hui from Pentagon Conquers Global iTunes with 'WHU IS ME: Complex'


Pentagon’s Hui has marked an impressive entry into his solo career with the release of ‘WHU IS ME: Complex’. The album, which showcases ‘Hmm BOP’ as its title track, has made a significant impact on the iTunes charts across the globe, securing the top spot on the worldwide iTunes album chart and achieving a notable position at No. 8 on the European iTunes album chart.

As of the latest update, Hui’s debut mini-album has also reached the pinnacle of iTunes album charts in 13 regions. These regions include a diverse array of countries such as Argentina, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. This widespread acclaim is a testament to Hui’s global appeal and the universal resonance of his music.

This achievement not only highlights Hui’s talent as an individual artist but also signifies the expanding influence of K-pop on the international music scene. Hui’s ‘WHU IS ME: Complex’ has successfully bridged cultural gaps, bringing his unique musical style to a worldwide audience.

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