Golden Child’s Eagerly Awaited ‘Feel Me’ Comeback: New Concept Photos Revealed

Daeyeol Returns to Golden Child as They Gear Up for Their Latest Album Release

Golden Child's Eagerly Awaited 'Feel Me' Comeback: New Concept Photos Revealed


Golden Child is all set to make waves once again with the announcement of their 3rd single album, ‘Feel Me’, now as a 9-member ensemble. The eagerly anticipated reveal took place on October 25 KST, showcasing a series of edgy, rugged concept photos that are a testament to the group’s evolving artistic vision.

A highlight of this comeback is the return of the charismatic leader Daeyeol, who is back in action after fulfilling his mandatory military service obligations. Notably, Y remains the sole member on a military service hiatus.

Golden Child’s fans, often called “Goldenness”, have been patiently waiting for new tunes from the group. The last major release, ‘Aura’, was over a year ago, making ‘Feel Me’ a highly anticipated return. The countdown has begun, as ‘Feel Me’ is slated for release on November 2 at 6 PM KST.

As the excitement builds, fans are encouraged to dive into Golden Child’s mesmerizing teaser photos, offering a sneak peek into what’s in store.

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