(G)I-DLE’s Album ‘2’ Sets New Pre-Order Milestone

(G)I-DLE's '2' Eyes Million-Seller Status with Record-Breaking Pre-Orders

(G)I-DLE's Album '2' Sets New Pre-Order Milestone


Cube Entertainment recently unveiled that (G)I-DLE’s highly anticipated second full-length album ‘2’ is poised for monumental success. Slated for release on January 29 at 6 PM KST, the album has already garnered an impressive 1.8 million pre-orders, eclipsing their previous record of 1.1 million for the 6th mini-album ‘I feel’. This staggering figure not only sets a new benchmark for the group but also aligns them with K-pop’s most successful girl groups in pre-order history.

This remarkable feat places ‘2’ in a commanding position in the realm of K-pop pre-orders, matching the 1.8 million mark set by aespa’s ‘MY WORLD. This surge in demand signifies the growing anticipation and fervor among fans, hinting at the album’s potential to replicate, if not surpass, the success of ‘I Feel’, which had a notable presence on the US Billboard main album chart, ‘Billboard 200’.

(G)I-DLE’s trajectory in the international music scene, particularly in North America, has been noteworthy. Their inaugural American EP ‘HEAT’, released last year, achieved a peak position of 25th on the ‘Billboard 200’, marking a significant milestone in their career.

Despite facing some controversy with the pre-released track “Wife”, deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS’ music review, the group has managed to turn the situation into a buzz of excitement around their upcoming album. The heightened interest in ‘2’ reflects the group’s adeptness at navigating the music landscape and their ability to leverage attention into heightened anticipation.

As the release of ‘2’ nears, the final pre-order count is expected to climb even higher, possibly securing (G)I-DLE’s position as a million-seller for the second time in a row. This achievement not only cements (G)I-DLE’s status in the K-pop industry but also highlights their expanding global influence, making their upcoming album one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the year.

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