from20 & Hello Gloom Embark on ‘Fast On The Highway’ Europe Tour – Dates Revealed

Music Duo from20 and HELLO GLOOM Announce Their Exciting 2024 European Tour

from20 & Hello Gloom Embark on 'Fast On The Highway' Europe Tour - Dates Revealed


Music enthusiasts across Europe are in for a treat as the dynamic duo from20 and HELLO GLOOM are set to hit the road for their first tour in Europe this year. Titled ‘Fast On The Highway’, this tour is poised to showcase their unique musical synergy across five major European cities.

On January 5 KST, the duo released an official tour poster, unveiling the much-anticipated dates and locations of their 2024 European journey. Fans can look forward to experiencing their live performances in Warsaw, Cologne, Amsterdam, Paris, and London – a lineup of cities that are known for their vibrant music scenes.

Kicking off on April 9, the ‘Fast On The Highway’ tour promises to deliver an array of mesmerizing performances, featuring from20 and HELLO GLOOM’s signature sounds. The tour will conclude on April 17, ensuring that fans across Europe have multiple opportunities to catch them live.

As from20 and HELLO GLOOM prepare to bring their music to an international audience, excitement is building for what promises to be a series of unforgettable concerts. Their performances are expected to draw fans from all over, eager to witness the duo’s electrifying stage presence and musical talents.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this musical extravaganza. Check out the official tour poster and plan to attend one of the ‘Fast On The Highway’ concerts for a night of exceptional music and entertainment.

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