Fantagio’s New Boy Group LUN8 Announces Debut Date With Schedule Teaser For “CONTINUE”


Fantagio’s new boy group LUN8 has set their debut date!

On May 22 at midnight KST, Fantagio uploaded an intriguing “Coming Soon” teaser for their LUN8’s upcoming first mini album “CONTINUE.”

Later this day, Fantagio announced LUN8’s debut date with their first schedule teaser. With their first teasers dropping later this week, LUN8’s debut mini album “CONTINUE” will be released on June 15 at 6 p.m. KST.

Back in March, Fantagio confirmed that the agency was preparing to debut a new boy group in the first half of the year, marking their first boy group in approximately seven years since ASTRO’s debut in 2016. In April, LUN8 opened their official social media accounts and subsequently shared the group’s first teasers and covers to introduce their members.


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