EXO Dominates Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs Chart with “EXIST”

Sweeping Success: EXO Secures Top 4 Spots on Global Music Chart

EXO Dominates Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs Chart with "EXIST"


EXO‘s latest album, “EXIST,” has propelled them to dominate Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart. Explore their impressive achievement as they secure the top four spots and captivate global music trends and conversations.

EXO has once again made an extraordinary impact on the music industry, taking the world by storm with their highly anticipated new album, “EXIST”!

On July 11, Billboard announced that EXO had accomplished a remarkable feat by claiming all of the top four spots on the prestigious Hot Trending Songs chart. This chart ranks songs based on real-time global music trends and conversations on Twitter, highlighting the most buzzworthy tracks.

In a stunning display of their popularity, EXO’s new album “EXIST” has dominated the music scene. Five of this week’s top six songs and an impressive seven of the top 20 songs originate from this incredible album, which was released on July 10. Leading the pack is the group’s captivating title track, “Cream Soda,” which made its debut at an astounding No. 1 position on the chart. This achievement marks EXO’s second song to claim the top spot, following their pre-release track, “Let Me In,” from the same album, which also reached No. 1 last month.

The chart dominance continues as EXO’s mesmerizing B-side track, “Love Fool,” debuts at an impressive No. 2, closely followed by “No Makeup” at No. 3 and “Private Party” at No. 4. The impact of EXO’s music extends even further, with “Regret” securing the No. 6 spot, “Another Day” at No. 11, and “Cinderella” at No. 13.

EXO’s undeniable talent and captivating music have propelled them to unparalleled success, captivating fans worldwide and dominating the music charts. Their remarkable achievement on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart solidifies their position as one of the industry’s most influential and beloved groups.

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