EVNNE’s ‘SQUAD:R’ Asia Tour: A Musical Journey Across the Continent

EVNNE's Fan Concert Series to Captivate Asian Audiences

EVNNE's 'SQUAD:R' Asia Tour: A Musical Journey Across the Continent


K-pop group EVNNE, under Jellyfish Entertainment, announces their ‘EVNNE FAN-CONCERT [SQUAD:R] ASIA TOUR’, setting the stage for an electrifying journey across Asia. The tour kicks off with an opening act in Seoul on March 2-3, followed by performances in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and soon in Japan.

This tour aims to strengthen the bond between EVNNE and their fans through live shows featuring hits from their albums ‘Target: ME’ and ‘Un: SEEN’. EVNNE is geared up to deliver unforgettable experiences and meet the high expectations of their fans.

EVNNE’s Asia tour is a celebration of their growing international fame, showcasing their musical talent and connecting with fans across the continent. This tour not only highlights their recent successful releases but also underscores their commitment to engaging with fans through dynamic live performances.

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