EVNNE Delivers Timeless Elegance in ‘Un: SEEN’ Concept Photos

Capturing the Essence of Classic Cinema in EVNNE's 'Un: SEEN'

EVNNE Delivers Timeless Elegance in 'Un: SEEN' Concept Photos


Rookie boy group EVNNE is redefining classic elegance in the recent unveil of their individual concept photos for the much-anticipated 2nd mini album, ‘Un: SEEN’. Each photo is a narrative, echoing the opulent and dramatic styles reminiscent of 1990s Hong Kong films, displaying the members’ delicate and profound charm.

This new release is a nod to cinematic greatness, a blend of past and present, encapsulating the group’s ability to channel deep, emotional landscapes through their visuals. EVNNE, who made a notable entry into the music scene in September last year with ‘Target: ME’, is now ready to captivate audiences once again with ‘Un: SEEN’, promising a collection of tracks that will further solidify their place in the industry.

Mark your calendars for January 22 at 6 PM KST, as ‘Un: SEEN’ is set to take you on a journey through the artful and mesmerizing world of EVNNE. The group continues to embrace and portray a unique artistry that resonates with fans and onlookers alike. Stay tuned as they unravel more layers of their aesthetic and musical evolution in this upcoming release.

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