EPEX Unveils ‘Graduation Day’ Teaser for First Album

EPEX Embraces School Days in New Teaser

EPEX Unveils 'Graduation Day' Teaser for First Album


EPEX is set to charm fans with their latest teaser photo for the upcoming pre-release single ‘Graduation Day,’ part of their first full album. The group’s new image, revealed at midnight KST on January 30, takes fans on a nostalgic journey back to school days.

EPEX Unveils 'Graduation Day' Teaser for First Album 002

The teaser photo features the EPEX members as students, striking a pose in front of a school setting. Their classic school uniforms, complemented by trendy toggle coats popular among students, perfectly encapsulate the youthful and carefree spirit of school life. This visual representation not only creates a connection with fans but also sets the stage for the theme of their upcoming release.

‘Graduation Day’ is more than just a single; it symbolizes a new chapter in EPEX’s musical journey. Set to be released on February 5 at 6 PM KST, this song marks an important milestone for the group as they transition from their previous works to a full album experience.

The anticipation for EPEX’s first full album is palpable among fans, as the group continues to explore new themes and concepts. ‘Graduation Day’ promises to deliver a blend of nostalgia, youthful energy, and the distinctive sound that EPEX is known for.

As EPEX gears up for their latest release, the excitement within the K-Pop community is growing. The group’s ability to evoke the essence of school days in their teaser photo hints at a creative and relatable musical narrative in their upcoming album. Stay tuned for the release of ‘Graduation Day,’ which is shaping up to be a significant addition to EPEX’s growing discography.

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