Daesung’s Solo Debut with ‘D’s ROAD in SEOUL’

Big Bang's Daesung Unveils First Solo Fan Day Event in Seoul

Daesung's Solo Debut with 'D's ROAD in SEOUL'


Big Bang’s Daesung is set to delight fans with his first solo domestic fan day event, ‘D’s ROAD in SEOUL.’ His agency, R&D Company, has revealed that this much-anticipated event will occur in Seoul on March 16-17, marking a significant milestone in Daesung’s solo career. The event is poised to be a cherished encounter for both Daesung and his ardent fans, who have steadfastly supported him over the years.

Expressing his excitement, Daesung has conveyed his eagerness to share his musical journey with his fans. ‘D’s ROAD in SEOUL’ is designed to be an intimate experience, featuring various segments and a thoughtfully curated setlist that encapsulates his artistic progression. This event symbolizes a special opportunity for Daesung to connect with his fans on a personal level, sharing stories and music that have shaped his career.

Last year marked a turning point for Daesung, as he ventured into a new phase of his career by signing an exclusive contract with R&D Company under their D-Label. His management has expressed their dedication to a diverse range of activities, including music production, broadcasting appearances, and live performances, all centered around deepening the bond with his global fanbase.

Organized by R&D Company and Showplay, ‘D’s ROAD in SEOUL’ is not just an event; it’s a celebration of Daesung’s evolution as an artist and his enduring connection with his fans. The excitement is already mounting, with ticket reservations set to open on February 7 at 8 PM via Interpark Ticket. Fans eagerly anticipate this unique opportunity to see Daesung in a new light, as he embarks on this solo journey, promising an unforgettable experience.

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