Crush Dominates Global Music Scene with ‘Wonderego’

All Tracks from Crush's 'Wonderego' Hit Streaming Charts

Crush Dominates Global Music Scene with 'Wonderego'


Crush, the original chart-topping powerhouse, is back to dominate the music streaming charts with his latest release, “Wonderego.” Immediately after dropping on the 14th, the album achieved an incredible milestone with all 19 songs blazing into Melon’s HOT100. It’s a testament to Crush’s unwavering appeal and innovative musical prowess.

The album’s standout quadruple title tracks, namely “Hmm-cheat,” “EZPZ,” “Ego (Hate Me),” and “Oh Man Like Me,” have become anthems on major music platforms like Bugs and Genie, landing in the real-time TOP10 and showcasing Crush’s unshakeable presence in the music industry.

Internationally, “Wonderego” has made its mark by hitting high rankings on iTunes album charts across seven countries, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Austria, Turkey, Japan, Canada, and Australia. The global appeal of Crush’s music is further evidenced by its performance on Apple Music charts in nine countries, proving his music transcends borders and resonates with a worldwide audience.

This album represents Crush’s grand comeback to the full-length format after a four-year gap since his second album, “From Midnight to Sunrise.” “Wonderego” is a creative synthesis of Crush’s aspirations captured in “Wonder” and his introspective side portrayed in “Ego.” This blend is expertly woven to expand his musical narrative and invite listeners into his ever-evolving world.

Beyond the title tracks, the album boasts an impressive list of songs including “New Day,” “No Break,” “Me, Myself & I,” “Satisfy,” “Deep End,” “Not Anything Else,” “God Me God You,” “Bad Habits,” “Ego’s Theme,” “Monday Blues,” “ㅠ.ㅠ (You),” “She,” “Walk (Harness),” “For Days to Come,” and “Remember Me.” Each track contributes to the rich tapestry of the album, highlighting Crush’s versatility and depth as an artist.

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