CRAVITY Unveils Exciting Tracklist for 7th Mini Album ‘EVERSHINE’

Dynamic Tracks Set to Dazzle in CRAVITY's 'EVERSHINE'

CRAVITY Unveils Exciting Tracklist for 7th Mini Album 'EVERSHINE'


CRAVITY, the dynamic powerhouse in the K-pop scene, has just heightened the anticipation for their new musical chapter by revealing the tracklist for their 7th mini album, ‘EVERSHINE. The reveal has sent waves of excitement across their fanbase, eagerly awaiting the fresh sounds and experiences this album promises.

The teaser image, setting the tone for the album, presents a vibrant, outdoor concept, evoking a sense of adventure and energy. The tracks unveiled include the catchy and likely to be a fan-favorite “C’est La Vie”, the power-packed title song “Love or Die”, the melodious “Cherry Blossom”, the rhythmically intriguing “Mr.”, the suspense-filled “Worst Thriller”, and the soulful “Over & Over”. Each title hints at a diverse musical landscape, showcasing CRAVITY’s versatility and artistic growth.

‘EVERSHINE’ marks CRAVITY’s 7th mini album, a testament to their continuous evolution and presence in the ever-changing world of K-pop. Fans are eagerly marking their calendars for February 26 KST, the day when ‘EVERSHINE’ will finally grace the music platforms, bringing with it a new era for CRAVITY.

CRAVITY Unveils Exciting Tracklist for 7th Mini Album 'EVERSHINE' 002

As the countdown to ‘EVERSHINE’ begins, the excitement is palpable. The blend of dynamic tracks promises to take listeners on a musical journey, reflecting CRAVITY’s unique style and charisma. This album not only signifies another milestone in their career but also reaffirms their commitment to bringing innovative and engaging music to their fans worldwide. Stay tuned for CRAVITY’s latest venture into the musical cosmos with ‘EVERSHINE’.

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