Choi Ye Na Unveils Exciting Tracks for ‘GOOD MORNING’ Mini-Album

Delving Into Choi Ye Na's 'GOOD MORNING': A Musical Awakening

Choi Ye Na Unveils Exciting Tracks for 'GOOD MORNING' Mini-Album


Choi Ye Na is ready to serenade her fans with her latest venture, the 3rd mini-album titled ‘GOOD MORNING’. The anticipation bubbles as the tracklist teaser was released right at the stroke of midnight on January 4 KST. The revealed tracklist includes four captivating songs: “GOOD MORNING,” “Good Girls in the Dark,” “Damn U,” and “Ugly Duckling,” each promising a unique musical experience reflecting Choi Ye Na’s evolving artistry.

The forthcoming mini-album ‘GOOD MORNING’ is a testament to Choi Ye Na’s dedication and passion for her craft. Each track is meticulously crafted, offering a blend of rhythms and lyrics that are set to enchant listeners and take them on an auditory journey. With “GOOD MORNING” leading the album, fans can expect a refreshing start, while “Good Girls in the Dark,” “Damn U,” and “Ugly Duckling” will add depth and variety to the overall listening experience.

The excitement continues to build as the release date of January 15 draws near. Choi Ye Na’s ‘GOOD MORNING’ is not just an album; it’s a musical awakening, inviting fans to start their day with her melodious tunes and heartfelt lyrics. Stay tuned for this exhilarating musical treat from one of K-pop’s cherished artists and mark your calendars for a day filled with new music and new beginnings.

Choi Ye Na Unveils Exciting Tracks for 'GOOD MORNING' Mini-Album 002

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