C-JeS Studio Gears Up to Unveil a New Generation of K-Pop Stars with an Eight-Member Boy Group

Anticipation Builds as C-JeS Studio Announces the Launch of a Fresh Boy Group, Marking a New Chapter Since JYJ

C-JeS Studio Gears Up to Unveil a New Generation of K-Pop Stars with an Eight-Member Boy Group


In a thrilling development that promises to redefine the K-pop landscape, C-JeS Studio has officially announced the launch of a dynamic eight-member boy group, set to make their debut this November. This marks a significant milestone, as it will be the first idol group to be introduced by C-JeS since the inception of the renowned group JYJ.

The announcement came on September 7, when C-JeS Studio revealed their ambitious new project, dubbed “Made in C-JeS” or M.I.C. This initiative aims to foster a new generation of K-pop idols, equipped with diverse talents and a fresh perspective on the music industry. The eight M.I.C trainees have already begun to garner attention, showcasing their multifaceted skills through a variety of content that has captivated audiences even before their official debut.

M.I.C, a novel artist training program conceived by C-JeS Studio, has been nurturing these promising talents since its establishment. In 2022, the program unveiled its select group of eight trainees, who have been actively engaging with fans by sharing glimpses of their training sessions, self-produced content, and personal vlogs across various social media platforms. Their versatile charms and talents have not only created a buzz but have also built a strong foundation of anticipation and interest for their upcoming debut.

As the November debut approaches, fans can expect a steady release of more details about this promising eight-member boy group. The K-pop community is eagerly awaiting to witness the birth of a new group that aspires to lead the new generation of K-pop with innovation and flair. Stay tuned for more updates on this exhilarating venture that promises to bring a fresh wave of talent to the K-pop scene.

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