BTS’s V Unveils the Much-Anticipated “For Us” Music Video, Culminating the “Layover” Album Journey

Experience the Final Chapter of V's Solo Debut Album with the Release of the "For Us" Music Video

BTS's V Unveils the Much-Anticipated "For Us" Music Video, Culminating the "Layover" Album Journey


The moment that fans have been eagerly waiting for has arrived – BTS‘s V has released the final music video from his critically acclaimed solo debut album “Layover”. The release took place on September 16 at midnight KST, adding a new milestone to V’s already illustrious solo career.

Following the release of music videos for the tracks “Love Me Again,” “Rainy Days,” “Slow Dancing,” and “Blue,” V has now unveiled the visual representation of “For Us”, the fifth and final track on the album. This song stands out as a pop R&B track, characterized by its unique lyrics and V’s heartfelt vocal delivery, serving as a fitting epilogue to the musical journey that “Layover” has presented to fans around the world.

The “For Us” music video promises to be a visual treat, complementing the emotional depth and lyrical richness of the song. As the concluding chapter of the “Layover” album, it encapsulates the essence of V’s musical exploration and artistic growth witnessed throughout this solo project.

As fans immerse themselves in this final piece of the “Layover” puzzle, they are invited to appreciate the nuanced storytelling and emotional resonance that V has infused into this track. It’s a testament to his artistic versatility and a gift to fans who have followed this journey from the beginning.

Now, without further ado, delve into the visual and musical spectacle that is the “For Us” music video, and experience the culmination of V’s solo artistic journey below.

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