BTS’s V Shatters Records with “Layover”: A Historic Milestone in Hanteo Chart History

V Marks a Historic First-Week Sales Record, Cementing His Status as a Solo Powerhouse

BTS's V Shatters Records with "Layover": A Historic Milestone in Hanteo Chart History


In a remarkable display of solo prowess, BTS‘s V has etched his name in the annals of Hanteo Chart history with his debut album “Layover”. The album, which was officially released on September 8, has not only broken records but also established V as a formidable solo artist in the music industry.

Within just a day of its release, “Layover” had already garnered an astonishing 1.67 million sales, surpassing the previous record held by V’s fellow BTS member, Jimin, for his solo debut album “FACE”. Jimin’s album had recorded 1,454,223 sales in its first week earlier this year, a figure that V’s “Layover” surpassed in a single day, setting a new benchmark for solo artists.

As the week progressed, the momentum didn’t slow down. The Hanteo Chart reported that from September 8 to 14, the album’s sales skyrocketed to a staggering total of 2,101,974 copies, making V the first solo artist to cross the 2 million sales mark in a single week in Hanteo history. This achievement not only underscores V’s individual talent but also highlights the immense popularity and influence he commands as a solo artist.

But the records don’t stop there. When considering group sales as well, V has secured the sixth position in terms of highest first-week sales, joining the ranks of other prominent groups like Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN, NCT DREAM, his own group BTS, and TXT. This accomplishment further cements V’s status as a powerhouse in the music industry, capable of holding his own alongside well-established groups.

As fans and enthusiasts alike absorb the impact of this historic milestone, the music industry watches with bated breath to see what other records V might shatter in his burgeoning solo career. Stay tuned to witness the continued ascent of a solo artist who is clearly carving out a path of unprecedented success.

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