BTS’s V Shatters Records with “Layover”: A Dominant Presence on Oricon and Spotify Charts

BTS's V's Solo Debut "Layover": A Symphony of Chart-Topping Success

BTS's V Shatters Records with "Layover": A Dominant Presence on Oricon and Spotify Charts


BTS‘s V has embarked on a solo journey that is nothing short of spectacular, as evidenced by the sweeping success of his debut album “Layover”. The music industry and fans alike are witnessing history in the making, as V’s tracks resonate on a global scale, setting new standards of success.

On September 10, BIGHIT MUSIC proudly announced the remarkable debut of “Layover” at the pinnacle of Oricon’s daily album chart. The album has garnered immense popularity, selling a staggering 221,491 copies in Japan on its release day, showcasing V’s profound impact in the music scene.

But the accolades don’t end with the album chart. V’s title track “Slow Dancing” has also captured the top spot on Oricon’s daily digital singles chart, a testament to its widespread acclaim. Moreover, the album’s B-sides, including “Blue”, “For Us”, and “Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.)”, have graced the chart, securing positions 4, 5, and 6 respectively, highlighting the album’s comprehensive appeal.

V’s musical prowess extends beyond Oricon, as evidenced by his impressive debut on Spotify. The track “Slow Dancing” has made a grand entrance on the platform’s daily Global Top Songs chart, landing at number 11 with a remarkable 4,743,367 filtered streams on its inaugural day. Furthermore, every track from “Layover” has found a place in the top 60 of Spotify’s global chart, with songs like “Love Me Again”, “Rainy Days”, “Blue”, “For Us”, and “Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.)” captivating audiences and securing prominent positions.

Previously, “Layover” had conquered iTunes charts globally, setting a new benchmark with record-breaking first-day sales, a milestone in Hanteo’s history for any solo album. As V continues to charm audiences with his musical ingenuity, the global music community eagerly anticipates the further heights that this solo venture will reach, solidifying V’s position as a formidable force in the music industry.

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