BTS’s V Gears Up for Solo Album in Collaboration with ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

A New Musical Journey: BTS's V Collaborates with ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin for Solo Album Release

BTS's V Gears Up for Solo Album in Collaboration with ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin


In a thrilling announcement for K-pop fans, BTS‘s V is preparing to launch his first solo album, collaborating with ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. The news was confirmed by SPOTV News on August 2, sparking excitement among fans and music enthusiasts worldwide.

V, a prominent member of the globally acclaimed K-pop group BTS, is joining forces with Min Hee Jin, who is leading the overall production of the album. The collaboration includes music, choreography, design, and promotion, promising a comprehensive and unique musical experience.

Min Hee Jin, a renowned producer, shared her enthusiasm about the collaboration. She was initially hesitant due to scheduling conflicts but was ultimately drawn to V’s passion and unique voice tone. The producer aims to create music that reflects V’s preferences and music she wants to recommend, focusing on a style that they both can execute well.

V’s solo album is expected to showcase a new side of the artist, distinct from his role in BTS. The artist expressed his excitement and nervousness about the release, assuring fans that the album encapsulates his tastes and will offer abundant spectacles. V’s primary goal is to make the ARMY, BTS’s fanbase, happy and is hopeful that they will anticipate the album.

V has a rich musical history, having released numerous hit solo tracks including “Stigma,” “Singularity,” “Inner Child,” “4 OCLOCK,” “Scenery,” “Winter Bear,” “Blue & Grey,” “Snow Flower,” and more. His upcoming solo album is expected to add another milestone to his illustrious career.

Stay tuned for more updates on V’s solo album and his exciting collaboration with Min Hee Jin.

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