BTS’s V Captivates in ‘Arena’ x ‘Celine’ Photoshoot Ahead of Solo Debut

V's Mesmerizing Presence: From 'Arena' x 'Celine' to Solo Stardom

BTS's V Captivates in 'Arena' x 'Celine' Photoshoot Ahead of Solo Debut


September promises to be a monumental month for V, as the BTS sensation graces the covers of renowned magazines ‘W Korea’ and ‘Arena Homme Plus’, all while preparing for his much-anticipated solo debut.

In his collaboration with ‘Arena’, V exudes a captivating blend of youthful audacity and allure, donning select pieces from ‘Celine’. His tousled hair and enigmatic stare evoke the romanticism of a Parisian deeply in love, further solidifying his role as the global ambassador for the iconic ‘Celine’ brand.

In the midst of this visual feast, fans eagerly await V’s musical offering. His debut solo album ‘Layover’ is set to launch on September 8 at 12 AM EST, headlined by the evocative track “Slow Dancing”.

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