BTS’s RM & V Shine in Latest Group Photos from Nonsan Training Center

Embracing New Beginnings: BTS's RM & V at Nonsan Training Center

BTS's RM & V Shine in Latest Group Photos from Nonsan Training Center


The Nonsan Training Center has recently released another set of group photos featuring the new recruits, including the beloved BTS members RM and V. The photos show the idols adapting to their new environment, wearing their uniforms with pride as they undertake their basic training. This latest batch of photos continues to document their journey, showcasing the positive spirits and camaraderie among the recruits.

In the newest photos, RM is spotted with a blue platoon leader tag, signaling his role among the recruits, while V’s presence is marked by a more composed demeanor compared to the last week’s pictures. Their appearance in uniform not only reflects their current military duties but also serves as a testament to their commitment and resilience.

As the world watches, the ongoing journey of RM and V in the military continues to be a source of inspiration and pride for fans globally. The updates from the Nonsan Training Center provide a glimpse into their life in service, evoking a mix of emotions from admirers and onlookers. With each photo and update, the narrative of their dedication unfolds, adding a new chapter to their already remarkable careers.

The anticipation and support for RM and V remain strong as they carry on with their duties. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned for more updates and continue sending their love and support as BTS’s members embrace this significant phase of their lives. Join in celebrating their journey and keep the spirit of camaraderie alive as RM and V make their way through their service term.

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