BTS’s Jungkook Unveils “3D” Live Performance Video with Jam Republic Dancers

Experience the Electrifying Choreography: Jungkook’s Live Performance of “3D” with Jam Republic

BTS’s Jungkook Unveils “3D” Live Performance Video with Jam Republic Dancers


BTS’s Jungkook, known for his captivating stage presence, has gifted fans with a live performance video for his latest hit single “3D”, featuring Jack Harlow. Released on September 30, this official video offers fans a first look at the choreography for “3D”, a song that has yet to make its television debut.

In this newly unveiled video, viewers are treated to a showcase of Jungkook’s celebrated vocal and dance talents. The performance is further elevated with the inclusion of the Jam Republic dancers, a group currently participating in Mnet’s popular survival show, “Street Woman Fighter 2”.

Fans of BTS and dance enthusiasts alike will be thrilled to see the synergy between Jungkook and the Jam Republic dancers as they deliver a performance filled with energy and precision. The video not only highlights the infectious rhythm of “3D” but also provides a platform for the dancers to display their skills, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate well-executed choreography and top-tier musical talent.

For those eager to see Jungkook’s moves and the collaborative dance routine for “3D”, the live performance video is available below. Don’t miss out on experiencing the magnetic energy and artistry brought to life in this exciting visual presentation!

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