BTS’s “Dynamite” Shatters Records with Over 1.8 Billion Spotify Streams

BTS's Global Hit "Dynamite" Achieves Unprecedented Streaming Milestone

BTS's "Dynamite" Shatters Records with Over 1.8 Billion Spotify Streams


BTS continues to redefine the global music landscape, achieving a groundbreaking milestone as their chart-topping English single “Dynamite” amassed over 1.8 billion streams on Spotify as of February 9 KST. This remarkable achievement sets a new record in the K-Pop industry and among Asian music acts, underscoring the immense popularity and influence of the South Korean supergroup.

“Dynamite”, released on August 21, 2020, marked a pivotal moment for BTS as their debut full-English track. Featured on their acclaimed full-length album ‘BE’, the song has captivated audiences worldwide, leading to this historic streaming count on Spotify just 3 years and 5 months after its release.

This impressive feat by “Dynamite” on Spotify is not only a testament to BTS’s unwavering global appeal but also cements the song’s status as an iconic hit in the music world. It stands as the first-ever track by a K-pop group and an Asian act to reach such a high streaming count on the platform, showcasing the growing influence and reach of Asian artists in the global music scene.

As BTS continues to push boundaries and set new benchmarks, “Dynamite” remains a shining example of their musical prowess and the universal appeal of their artistry. This historic moment on Spotify is a celebration of BTS’s journey and their significant impact on the international music industry.

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