BTOB Announces Group Comeback in March

BTOB's Unified Return Despite Agency Changes

BTOB Announces Group Comeback in March


BTOB, the beloved K-Pop group, is set to make a grand return with a new track in March, as reported exclusively by SpoTV News on January 29. This comeback marks a significant moment for BTOB, as it unites the members across different agencies, showcasing their unwavering dedication to the group.

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The BTOB members have taken diverse paths following the end of their exclusive contracts with Cube Entertainment. Seo Eun Kwang, Lee Min Hyuk, Lim Hyun Sik, and Peniel have joined a newly established agency, while Lee Chang Sub has moved to Fantagio, and Yook Sung Jae has signed with iWill Media. Despite these changes, the group remains committed to their collective identity and activities, reinforcing BTOB’s priority in their careers.

Lee Chang Sub has reassured fans with his words, “We will be together forever, so don’t worry. We will continue to prioritize group activities and have plans for future collective endeavors.” This sentiment is echoed by Yook Sung Jae’s new agency, which actively supports BTOB’s activities. Similarly, Seo Eun Kwang, Lee Min Hyuk, Lim Hyun Sik, and Peniel have expressed their determination to prioritize full group activities, a promise they are now fulfilling with the announcement of their new song in March.

BTOB’s upcoming comeback is not just about releasing new music; it’s a celebration of their unity and enduring bond. Fans are eagerly awaiting the group’s comeback, excited for both the new music and the continued display of BTOB’s strong teamwork. The group’s commitment to staying together ‘yet apart’ is a testament to their bond and dedication to their fans.

In addition to group activities, the members are also thriving in their individual careers. Seo Eun Kwang serves as a judge on Mnet’s ‘Build Up,’ Lee Chang Sub is gaining recognition in the entertainment industry, Lim Hyun Sik recently made a significant donation to the hearing-impaired, and Lee Min Hyuk is the MC for the web entertainment show ‘Hot Hot.’

As March approaches, the anticipation for BTOB’s group comeback continues to build, promising a harmonious blend of individual talents and a unified group identity. Stay tuned for more updates as BTOB prepares to take the stage once again.

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