BLACKPINK Continues Journey with YG Entertainment: Group Contract Renewal

BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment Seal New Contract Agreement

BLACKPINK Continues Journey with YG Entertainment: Group Contract Renewal


In a significant move for the K-pop industry, YG Entertainment has officially announced the renewal of the group contract with all four members of BLACKPINK. This development comes after intense negotiations following the expiration of their previous contracts in August.

On December 6, YG Entertainment confirmed, “We have successfully finalized the group contract renewal for BLACKPINK, one of our most prestigious acts, after comprehensive discussions at the board level.”

While BLACKPINK’s decision to continue as a group has been solidified, the process of finalizing individual contracts for each member remains ongoing. According to a report by Munhwa Ilbo, two members, including Lisa, are parting ways with the agency in terms of individual contracts. Discussions with the other two members are still underway, indicating a nuanced approach to their future engagements.

Despite these ongoing contract negotiations, BLACKPINK has maintained its formidable presence in the music scene. The group’s recent ‘Born Pink’ world tour is a testament to their global appeal and success. The tour, which concluded in September, attracted an impressive 1.8 million fans worldwide and generated sales close to 300 billion won, underscoring BLACKPINK’s significant commercial impact.

The renewal of the group contract with YG Entertainment ensures that BLACKPINK will continue to grace the music industry with their group activities. While the individual paths of the members may vary, their collective identity as BLACKPINK remains a dominant force in K-pop.

Fans of BLACKPINK can look forward to more captivating music and performances as the group and YG Entertainment embark on this renewed partnership. With the group’s consistent track record of success, the future looks bright for BLACKPINK under the continued collaboration with their long-time agency. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting projects from BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment.

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