Bang Ye Dam Talks Musical Heritage and Solo Ambitions, Admires Jay Park

Bang Ye Dam Shares Insights on His Solo Career and Musical Influences on Park Myung Soo's Radio Show

Bang Ye Dam Talks Musical Heritage and Solo Ambitions, Admires Jay Park


Bang Ye Dam recently graced Park Myung Soo’s radio show, revealing fascinating details about his new solo mini album and his rich musical background. The December 3 KST broadcast featured an engaging phone interview where Bang Ye Dam delved into his life as a talented singer/songwriter. Proudly promoting his album, he said, “I made all of the songs on the album. The title track ‘ONLY ONE’ is particularly close to my heart.”

During the show, Bang Ye Dam showcased his vocal prowess with his new single and several Michael Jackson classics. He credited his parents for his musical talent, highlighting his father, Bang Dae Sik, known for singing in commercials and cartoons like ‘Pokémon,’ ‘Dragonball Z,’ and ‘Digimon.’ His mother, Jung Mi Young, also a musician, is recognized for the OST single “After the Play Ends” from the movie ‘Friend.’

Park Myung Soo expressed admiration for Bang Ye Dam’s musical lineage, noting the natural talent emerging from such a background. Bang Ye Dam further discussed his song “Lee Chanhyuk,” based on AKMU’s Chanhyuk, explaining its humorous yet scolding tone towards his treatment of his sister, Suhyun.

Looking to the future, Bang Ye Dam shared his aspirations to connect with all generations as a solo artist and named Jay Park as a significant role model, admiring his multifaceted career. Adding a light-hearted twist, he also shared his recent purchase of a 680,000-won game console, eliciting laughter and showcasing his relatable side.

Bang Ye Dam’s interview not only highlighted his solo ambitions and deep musical roots but also shed light on his personal inspirations and plans for a dynamic career ahead.

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