BAE173 Sets the Stage for an Eagerly Awaited March Comeback

BAE173's Anticipated Return with 'INTERSECTION: BLAZE'

BAE173 Sets the Stage for an Eagerly Awaited March Comeback


The K-pop group BAE173, represented by PocketDol Studio, is ready to captivate their global fanbase with their comeback in March, marking an exciting chapter in their musical journey. The music video for this comeback has already been filmed, raising expectations among fans worldwide.

This return is especially notable as it follows their successful participation in JTBC’s ‘Peak Time,’ where they secured a commendable 5th place finish. Known for their dynamic musical range and impressive performance skills, BAE173 has been recognized as a ‘4th generation representative talented boy group.’ Their previous albums have showcased a diverse range of styles and performances, and fans are keen to see how the group has evolved in their upcoming release.

The upcoming third mini album, titled ‘INTERSECTION: BLAZE,’ is set to drop on March 30, marking the group’s first comeback in about a year since their last album ‘Intersection: Trace’. The group has planned a meticulous schedule leading up to the release, including dropping a track list on March 18, followed by concept photos, object posters, music video teasers, and highlight medleys. These teasers are intended to build anticipation and showcase the group’s artistic growth.

BAE173’s continued expansion into new musical territories and their consistent delivery of high-energy performances make their comeback a highly anticipated event in the K-pop calendar. Their fans, eagerly waiting for new music and performances, are looking forward to the group’s fresh and vibrant energy that BAE173 is known to bring to the stage​​​​​.

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