BABYMONSTER’s Stellar Debut on Global Music Charts

BABYMONSTER's Remarkable Entry into the Billboard Charts

BABYMONSTER's Stellar Debut on Global Music Charts


BABYMONSTER, the latest sensation from YG Entertainment, has made a grand entrance onto the international music scene. Their debut digital single ‘BATTER UP’ swiftly climbed the ranks of the U.S. Billboard charts, achieving positions at 101st on the Billboard Global 200 and an impressive 49th on the Billboard Global Excl. US charts. These significant placements, coming just eight days post-debut, highlight the group’s immediate global impact and hint at their potential for future chart-topping successes.

Their achievements on the Billboard charts are just the beginning. BABYMONSTER has also conquered the 5th spot on the ‘World Digital Song Sales Chart’ and led the ‘Lyric Find Global’ chart with ‘BATTER UP,’ marking their presence across four distinct chart categories.

BABYMONSTER’s influence stretches beyond Billboard, with ‘BATTER UP’ topping the iTunes Song Charts in 21 countries and dominating several charts on China’s QQ Music, including the ‘Music Index Chart,’ ‘Rising Daily Chart,’ and ‘KPOP Weekly Chart.’

Their ‘BATTER UP’ music video set a new precedent on YouTube, earning the title of ‘most viewed video in 24 hours’ for a debut K-pop group. The video garnered a phenomenal 22.59 million views on its first day, demonstrating their wide-reaching appeal. The momentum continued with their dominance on global YouTube daily and weekly popularity charts, quickly approaching the milestone of 100 million views.

BABYMONSTER’s swift rise to fame is a clear indicator of their exceptional talent and the strong support of their global fanbase. Their initial success paints a bright future for this promising group, as they continue to captivate audiences and set new standards in the music industry.

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