B1A4 Set for Comeback in January, Ending Two-Year Hiatus

B1A4 Prepares to Release New Music After Two-Year Break

B1A4 Set for Comeback in January, Ending Two-Year Hiatus


B1A4, the beloved K-pop group, is set to end their hiatus and make a much-anticipated comeback with a new song slated for release in January next year. This update was disclosed following an E-Daily investigation on the 5th.

The group’s last musical endeavor was the single ‘Enormous Words,’ released in November 2021, which marked the beginning of their break. During this period, group member Sandeul fulfilled his mandatory military service as a social service worker, reuniting with fans in August.

The upcoming comeback, ending a two-year and two-month hiatus, is eagerly awaited by B1A4 Fans and will bring fresh music from B1A4 to the forefront. With the new release, the group is also expected to engage in various broadcast activities, further heightening the anticipation among their dedicated fanbase.

Since debuting in 2011 under WM Entertainment, B1A4 has carved a niche for themselves in the K-pop industry with a series of hits like ‘What’s Happening,’ ‘Good Night,’ ‘Solo Day,’ and ‘Lonely.’ Now a trio comprising CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan, B1A4 has not only made their mark in music but also expanded their artistic horizons into acting, showcasing their versatility and multifaceted talent.

This upcoming release marks a significant moment for B1A4, as they re-enter the music scene with renewed energy and creativity. Fans are eager to witness the group’s evolution and the new dimensions they will bring to their music after the hiatus. The return of B1A4 is poised to be a major highlight in the K-pop calendar, promising a blend of their signature musical style with new, innovative elements.

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