ATEEZ’s ‘THE WORLD EP FIN: WILL’ Shatters Records on Global Charts

ATEEZ Achieves Chart-Topping Success with New Album

ATEEZ's 'THE WORLD EP FIN: WILL' Shatters Records on Global Charts


ATEEZ continues to ride the wave of success with their recent comeback album ‘THE WORLD EP FIN: WILL,’ achieving remarkable feats across various music charts globally. The group has notably clinched the top positions on the Hanteo Chart’s real-time, daily, and weekly physical album charts, underscoring their widespread appeal.

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Further elevating their success, ATEEZ reached number one on Japan Line Music’s real-time album chart, the worldwide iTunes album chart, and the Bugs weekly album chart. This showcases the group’s significant achievements and their growing global footprint in the music industry.

‘THE WORLD EP FIN: WILL’ made a significant impact worldwide, securing the top spot on the ‘iTunes Top Album Chart’ in 26 regions and grabbing the second position on the ‘European iTunes Album Chart.’ The album also landed in third place on Japan Line Music’s daily album chart. Demonstrating their global popularity, ATEEZ entered the album chart in 61 countries on Apple Music. The album’s title track garnered over 10 million cumulative streaming plays on Spotify within just three days of its release, attracting considerable attention from music enthusiasts worldwide.

The title track ‘Crazy Form’ from their 2nd full album saw immediate success, topping the Bugs real-time chart upon release. Impressively, all songs from the 2nd full album dominated the real-time chart, ranging from 1st to 11th place, showcasing ATEEZ’s prowess in ‘lining up the charts.’ ‘Crazy Form’ also achieved significant streaming numbers on Spotify and topped the Bugs daily chart while securing the 6th position on the weekly chart.

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The music video for ‘Crazy Form’ broke the group’s previous records, surpassing 10 million views in about seven hours and becoming the most viewed video by a 4th generation boy group within the first 24 hours of release. ATEEZ also dominated YouTube’s ‘Music Video Trending Worldwide’ and ‘Most Played Video in 24 Hours’ charts, surpassing 20 million views in around 26 hours, reflecting their immense global influence.

‘THE WORLD EP FIN: WILL’ is the culmination of ATEEZ’s ‘THE WORLD’ series and showcases the group’s evolved musical talent with 12 diverse tracks. The album, featuring ATEEZ’s first unit song, highlights new aspects of the group’s charm and has garnered significant attention from fans. As ATEEZ continues to expand their presence in the music industry, fans eagerly await their future endeavors and promotions, including their upcoming appearance on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on the 10th.

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