ATEEZ Dominates with ‘THE WORLD EP. FIN: WILL’ at #1 on Circle Album Chart

ATEEZ Achieves Top Spot on Circle Chart with Latest Album

ATEEZ Dominates with 'THE WORLD EP. FIN: WILL' at #1 on Circle Album Chart


In a remarkable display of their musical prowess, ATEEZ has clinched the top position on the Circle weekly album chart, showcasing their undiminished popularity and influence in the K-pop world. This achievement, announced on December 7 KST, comes with the release of their second full-length album ‘THE WORLD EP. FIN: WILL’, which has made an impressive debut straight at No. 1.

The album, released on the 6th, has not only topped the Circle chart but has also registered an astounding sales figure of 1,370,690 copies. In a remarkable feat, ATEEZ’s latest album’s minirecord also secured the No. 2 spot on the same chart, with sales of 300,000 copies, underscoring the group’s significant impact and the fervent support of their fanbase.

ATEEZ’s achievement of securing the No. 1 position with ‘THE WORLD EP. FIN: WILL’ marks their eighth album to reach the pinnacle of the Circle chart, a testament to their consistent quality and evolving sound that resonates with fans globally. This milestone further cements their status as leading figures in the K-pop industry.

Furthermore, ‘THE WORLD EP. FIN: WILL’ has demonstrated its immense popularity on the Hanteo chart as well, where it surpassed 1.5 million copies sold within just the first week of its release. This impressive sales performance highlights the group’s growing international appeal and the strong anticipation that had built up around this release.

ATEEZ’s latest chart-topping success is not just a triumph in terms of sales but also a reflection of their artistic growth and the deep connection they have established with their audience. As ATEEZ continues to make waves in the music industry, they reaffirm their place as one of the most dynamic and influential groups in the K-pop scene.

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