ASTRO’s MJ Triumphantly Returns from Military Service

MJ Reconnects with Fans Post-Military Service

ASTRO's MJ Triumphantly Returns from Military Service


ASTRO’s beloved member MJ has officially completed his military service, rejoining the civilian world on November 8, 2023. Fans were eagerly awaiting his return, and MJ did not disappoint, hosting a live broadcast on ASTRO’s official YouTube channel to celebrate his discharge and interact with fans.

MJ entered military service as an active-duty soldier in May 2022 and spent approximately 18 months in the military band. His service concluded without the fanfare of a special discharge ceremony, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of fans who were thrilled to see him back.

During the live broadcast, MJ’s first public appearance since his return, he engaged in a Q&A session and shared updates about his life and experiences. His time away has only heightened the anticipation for what’s to come, as fans look forward to MJ’s future endeavors with a matured perspective post-service.


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