2AM and Bang Si Hyuk Unite for a Melodic Comeback

Harmonizing the Past and Future: 2AM's 2024 Comeback with Bang Si Hyuk

2AM and Bang Si Hyuk Unite for a Melodic Comeback


Embarking on a new lyrical journey, the beloved K-pop ballad group 2AM is gearing up for a much-anticipated full-group comeback in early January 2024. This stirring return is in collaboration with none other than the HYBE Chairman Bang Si Hyuk, affectionately known as the “father figure” of 2AM. Bang Si Hyuk’s artistic touch has been instrumental in 2AM’s unique sound, contributing to their 2021 hit “Close but Far,” which marked a resonant return after a hiatus of seven years.

Renowned for producing some of 2AM’s most heartfelt tracks, including chart-toppers like “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” and “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls,” Bang Si Hyuk’s involvement sparks excitement for the deep emotional narratives 2AM is known to deliver. As fans eagerly await the new chapter, the group is poised to first unveil their new song at the “2023 MBC Music Festival” on December 31, promising a performance that intertwines their emotive vocals with the grandeur of welcoming the New Year.

Since their impactful debut in 2008 with “This Song,” 2AM has continuously moved audiences with their poignant lyrics and soul-stirring melodies. Their discography, rich with hits like “Confession of a Friend,” “How to Break Up Well,” and the more recent “I Hate Everything but You,” showcases their evolution as artists and emotional storytellers. Following their successful group reunion in 2021, the quartet has not only revived their signature sound but also reintroduced the timeless appeal of K-pop ballads.

As 2AM prepares to step into the limelight once again, the collaboration with Bang Si Hyuk promises a blend of nostalgic melodies and contemporary narratives. This upcoming project is not just a comeback; it’s a harmonious celebration of their enduring legacy and a testament to their unwavering connection with fans worldwide. Stay tuned as 2AM writes the next chapter in their storied career, promising to deliver an array of songs that resonate with both the heart and the soul.

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