Rightwing pundit Ben Shapiro mocked for his outrage over a gay Oreo commercial

Ben Shapiro snapped at Oreo for releasing a gay ad, accusing the company of being forced to "affirm your sexual lifestyle."

The first-ever, limited edition Rainbow OREO packs. Photo: OREO


Conservative podcaster and Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro shared his discomfort over a gay Oreo ad and got mocked for it online.

Oreo cookies released heartwarming short film by out director Alice Wu called The Note, where a young Chinese American man reads a note he prepared to come out to his grandmother as gay. His family listens and supports him.

“She might be my mother,” his mother wrote on the bottom of his note, “but you are my son.”

The film, created in partnership with PFLAG, is about how coming out is “a journey that needs love and courage every step of the way,” Oreo tweeted.

All of that was lost on Shapiro, who responded, “Your cookie must affirm your sexual lifestyle,” referring to being gay as a “sexual lifestyle” and mocking the idea of supporting LGBTQ people.

A lot of people made fun of Shapiro for getting mad at a gay cookie commercial.

Shapiro tried to explain what he meant, and, in doing so, mocked the initialism “LGBTQ.” That is, it appears that he clarified that his problem with the cookie ad was that it was supportive of LGBTQ people.

“Guys, the story is that every woke corporation now believes it must become an activist LGBTQIA+-%6& outlet,” he wrote. He did not explain why he repeatedly used the word “must” in this context, as if someone was forcing Oreo to sponsor the film.





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