Argentine Feature Film Competition

BJ: The Life and Times of Bosco and Jojo (Argentina/EE.UU., 2022, 82′). Direction: Sergio Bonacci Lapalma
Copacabana Papers (Argentina, 2021, 120′). Direction: Fernando Portabales
Deberíamos imaginar todo en términos de arena (Argentina, 2021. 53′). Direction: Roxana Bernaule
El apego (Argentina, 2021, 102′). Direction: Javier Diment
El fulgor (Argentina, 2021, 65′). Direction: Martín Farina
Ese fin de semana (Argentina/Brasil, 2021, 69′). Direction: Mara Pescio
Los agitadores (Argentina, 2022, 102′). Direction: Marco Berger
Me busco lejos (Argentina, 2022, 90′). Direction: Diego Lublinsky
Yo soy Alma (Argentina, 2022, 72′). Direction: Mariana Manuela Bellone

Argentine Feature Film Competition

Criatura (Argentina, 2021, 16’). Direction: Maria Silvia Esteve
Desvelo (Argentina, 2022, 16:10’). Direction: Ana Waisbein y Maite Valero
El muro de las constelaciones (Argentina, 2021, 08’). Direction: Olivia Nuss
La naturaleza del amor (Argentina, 2021, 19:11’).
Direction: Nicolás Raúl Alvarez & Joaquín Ostrovsky
Los Amantes (Argentina, 2022, 07:23’). Dirección: Dario Exequiel
Me llamo Marian (Argentina, 2021, 29:55’). Direction: Pilar Cabrera
Mi cuerpo, mi transición (Argentina, 2022, 22:13’).
Direction: Camilo Lopez Diaz, Julian Merlo y Alma Chamot
Nazco problema (Argentina, 2021, 23:51’) Direction: Violeta Fontaiña
Sacrificio (Argentina, 2022, 4’). Direction: Guido Depaoli
Todos tipos trans (Argentina, 2021, 22:38’).
Direction: Sabino Jerónimo Gazzaniga
Transitando el abismo (Argentina, 2022, 20’). Direction: César González
Una casa que no tiene techo (Argentina, 2020, 11:24’).
Direction: Celeste Onaindia
Yon (Argentina, 2021, 8:21’). Direction: Bárbara Lago

The Skin I Live In
Siguiendo todos los protocolos (Brasil, 2022, 75′). Direction: Fábio Leal
Opening movie

Pornomelancolía (Argentina / Brasil / Francia, 2022, 98′).
Direction: Manuel Abramovich
Película de clausura

Latin American Shorts
Aviones de papel (Ecuador, 2021, 17:13’). Direction: Roberth Mendoza
Buscó a Satanás, encontró la familia (Colombia, 2021, 22’).
Direction: Miguel Ángel Fajardo Garnica
Cómo respirar fuera del agua (Brasil, 2021, 16’).
Direction: Júlia Fávero y Victoria Negreiros
Privilegios (Brasil, 2022, 33’). Direction: Daniel Favaretto
Soy Sasha (Panamá, 2021, 5’). Direction: Yineth Lopez
Subimos juntas la montaña (México, 2021, 15’).
Direction: Dana Albicker Mendiola

Argentine shorts
Diario de confesiones íntimas y oficiales (Argentina, 2021, 25′).
Direction: Marilina Giménez
ESI: Un derecho en disputa (Argentina, 2019, 16′).
Direction: Ignacio García
Mala reputación (Argentina, 2022, 43′).
Direction: Florencia Garibaldi y Estefania Santoro

Tabloid eroticism
El gato de las nueve colas (Italia, 1971, 110′). Direction: Dario Argento
Placer sangriento (Argentina, 1967, 75’). Direction: Emilio Vieyra

Fiery creatures
Vita in petto avrò (Argentina, 2022,11’’). Direction: Lucas Gallo
Fist (Francia, 2021, 3’). Direction: Romy Alizée

Focus Canada
Out In The Ring (Canadá, 2022, 105′). Direction: Ryan Bruce Levey
Pat Rocco Dared (Canadá, 2021, 90′).
Direction: Bob Christie, Morris Chapdelaine
Tramps! (Canadá, 2022, 104′). Direction: Kevin Hegge
Well Rounded (Canadá, 2020, 62′). Direction: Shana Myara

Retro Enzo Monzon
Radioactiva (Argentina, 2017, 7’). Direction: Enzo Monzón
El Drac de Miuka (Argentina, 2018, 9’). Direction: Enzo Monzón
Plastic Attack (Argentina, 2019, 30’). Direction: Enzo Monzón
Reina Hormona (Argentina / España, 2021, 78’). Direction: Enzo Monzón

Queer pioneers
La otra (Argentina, 1989, 10’). Direction: Lucrecia Martel
Las ratas (Argentina, 1963, 87’). Direction: Luis Saslavsky

La Tigra (Argentina, 1953, 65’). Direction: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson

Press Release

After the 2021 mixed edition, face-to-face and virtual, Asterisco continues to multiply the exhibition spaces, maintaining projections and online activities, in continuity with the aim of continuing to add ways to promote the arrival of LGBTIQ+ cinema.

The meeting rooms will be:

Centro Cultural Kirchner
Centro Cultural Conti
Hasta Trilce
Universidad del Cine
Centro Cultural Recoleta

A selection of films participating in this edition can be seen on the CONT.AR platform. Likewise, the Films in Process Competitive Section will take place entirely on the MICA (Cultural Industries Market) platform.


“The ninth edition of Asterisco will follow the path of last year, of continuing to expand the arrival, geographically and culturally, of the festival’s proposal, to delve into the different forms of circulation and transmission of LGBTIQ+ film content. The Festival has always aimed to ensure greater access to films, performances and activities, that inclusion is as complete as possible, proposing many free or very low-cost performances in all editions of Asterisco . Although there is an important presence of national and Latin American films in this edition, we also promote the presence of contemporary international cinema with four Canadian documentaries that explore sexual dissidence in very different areas of culture.”  Diego Trerotola


Source: Radio Power Strike with Latitud Gay


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