Elite star André Lamoglia wants you to know he doesn’t use prosthetics during sex scenes

Elite star André Lamoglia has revealed he didn’t see the need to ask for a body double or to use prosthetics when filming his sex scenes in season five of the hit Netflix series.

Elité stars Andre Lamoglia and Manu Rios (Instagram)


The Brazilian actor, who plays new student Iván, is seen getting up close and personal with his co-star Manu Rios (who plays Patrick) during a passionate sex scene after they build up a sexually tense friendship.

When talking about the intimate scenes in a new interview, the former Disney Channel Brazil star laughed off rumours of a fake penis and revealed how he approached the filming process.

Speaking to Hugo Gloss, Lamoglia admitted he had been “worried” because it was his first-ever sex scene so he “kept thinking about the logistics of how it would be done.”

Elite stars Andre Lamoglia and Manu Rios as Ivan and Patrick (Netflix)

However, Netflix provided an intimacy coordinator and a closed set to help put the actors at ease.

“The team is reduced on set. We have an intimacy coordinator, precisely for those scenes, to make us more comfortable, more prepared, to bring more truth to the scene,” he explained. “So it was a lot easier to film than I thought. I felt really comfortable when I had to do them.”

The star continued: “I also feel that, as an actor, I’m a little protected by the character because Iván is there, not André Lamoglia”.

As for whether he was fully nude as they shot the sex scenes, he laughed: “I’ll leave it to your imagination. Just kidding. I didn’t do any scenes completely naked. We had protection, a sex cover. They call it a ‘thong’ or a ‘sock’.”

He also took time to confirm that rumours of a fake penis were “lies, lies, lies”.

His character Iván initially stated he was not gay when he joined Las Encinas, however, his quick bond with Patrick turned into a mutual attraction that saw them flirting throughout the season before giving in to their feelings.


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