Cassandra Peterson Treats Us With First Public Photo of Her Girlfriend

“It’s scary and exciting, but also I’m very relieved," the "Elvira" star told Tamron Hall.

The Mistress of the Dark is ready to bring her relationship into the light.

Unless you’ve been living in a crypt, then you know that Cassandra Peterson, a.k.a. Elvira, recently broke the internet with her new memoir, Yours Cruelly, Elvira. In the book, she came out as part of the queer community, revealing she has been in a 19-year relationship with a woman, Teresa “T” Wierson.

The goth goddess sat down with Tamron Hall this week for her first television interview since sharing the spooktacular news. While speaking with Hall, Peterson explained how she didn’t come out before because she plays Elvira: “Obviously, I appeal to men. I play a super sexy character that’s… ‘straight,’ because she’s a bit of a horndog. She’s always chasing guys. It’s a little shocking for people to go, ’Her? Of all people?’”

When asked about how it feels to finally be living her truth, Peterson said it was “scary and exciting.”

“But I’m very relieved, and so is my partner,” she added as the audience applauded. “Holding in secrets all the time, you know, it gives you gas.”

“Of course my closest friends knew, but not the public, that’s for sure,” she added about her nearly two-decade-long relationship with T. “I don’t think anybody had a clue at all.”

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Peterson explained how she fell in love with somebody “who I really loved, and she was a woman. I fell in love with a particular person who I had been friends with for many years. And then the relationship just got deeper, and then we’ve been together for 19 years and it’s fantastic. But still, I would be fine with saying I came out and I’m gay, but I don’t think I’m gay. I don’t know what the hell I am! … And even people have said, ‘Oh, you’re bi.’ And I said, ‘Well, I guess I am now! It wasn’t until I turned 50!’ I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s been great.”

Peterson keeps giving out the treats, no tricks! Check out her interview with Hall in the video below for the first public photo of her and T.


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