Aubrey O’Day trolls Instagram critics with photo of her hugging Jesus in heaven

Aubrey O’Day trolled people complaining that she’d Photoshopped herself into aspirational holiday spots by sharing a picture of herself hugging Jesus.

Aubrey O’Day’s instagram, featuring a picture of herself and Jesus (@aubreyoday/Instagram)



Recently, followers of the Danity Kane singer have noticed that O’Day’s Instagram is full of vacation pictures that seem too perfect to be true.

A viral video suggested the pictures had been Photoshopped, showing how many of her holiday snaps were near-identical to existing images.

O’Day has responded, naturally, by posting two pictures of herself in a bikini thong, hugging Jesus.

“Took the PJ [private jet] to heaven in the last 24.. wanted to share with y’all how beautiful it was.. also ran into Jesus and we hugged it out,” she wrote to her 952,000 followers.

“He told me to let the lil bird on TikTok with SO much to say about my life.. that she needs to stop washing her p***y in the sink. We are adults baby, you gotta run the whole thing through the water.”

This appears to be a reference to TikTok user @residualdata, who called O’Day out in a video posted to the platform (which has since been removed and reposted to Twitter).

O’Day’s caption continued: “If I want my Instagram to be curated like a museum of ART then that’s what the f**k is going to happen.”

The singer continued to defend her pictures, writing: “Respect my aesthetic, I work hard to give y’all beautiful content that feels the way the places I travel vibrate.. because I want y’all to vibrate high with me.”

Aubrey O’Day shot to fame on reality show Making The Band, in which she won a spot in the group Danity Kane.

She later became a reality TV stalwart, appearing on shows including Celebrity Big Brother.

O’Day claims she had an affair with Donald Trump Jr in 2011, and says she thought he was her “soulmate”.



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