Anti-LGBTQ+ ‘groomer’ slur banned on Reddit in bid to tackle hate speech: ‘Your move Twitter’

Reddit has banned the anti-LGBTQ+ slur “groomer” under its hate speech policy, as well as any other reference to LGBTQ+ people as “paedophiles”.

Anti-LGBTQ+ ‘groomer’ slur banned under Reddit hate speech rules (Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)



The vile slur, which conflates LGBTQ+ identities with paedophilia, has been increasing in use online, and has now been banned by Reddit as hate speech.

Journalist Alejandra Caraballo explained on Twitter that the social media platform will now “enforce their hate speech policy on content that utilizes the groomer libel”, which means that posts containing the slur will break Reddit policy and could be taken down.

The community “Against Hate Subreddits” added that as well as the “groomer” slur, Reddit will now enforce its hate speech policy on those who portray being transgender as a mental illness, or quote transgender suicide statistics in a hateful way.

Caraballo added: “Your move Twitter”, referencing Twitter users’ complaints that the social media site does not do enough to prevent hate speech.

An example of this came last week, when despite its anti-hate policy, Elliot Page’s deadname was allowed to trend along with anti-trans slurs.

A recent poll found that the majority of US voters oppose using the slur “groomer” to describe LGBTQ+ inclusive teachers and parents.

The Data for Progress poll surveyed 1,155 likely voters and asked them about the spread of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation across the US, as well as certain slurs and stereotypes.

The poll stated: “Some groups have been describing teachers and parents who oppose banning discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in schools as ‘groomers’ – a term used to describe someone who gets close to and builds trust with a child or young person with the intent of sexually abusing them.”

Respondents were asked whether they agreed that “teachers and parents that support discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in school” in the wake of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” legislation were “groomers”, and a majority of 55 per cent said they did not.

Broken down by political affiliation, just 15 per cent of likely Democrat voters supported anti-LGBTQ+ “groomer” language, while 45 per cent of likely Republican voters agreed with the slur.

A Reddit spokesperson said: “Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging. In line with this, our content policy prohibits content that promotes hate based on identity or vulnerability, including gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

“We regularly reach out to the communities on our platform to remind them of our policies and offer support, and we will continue to enforce our policies across the platform.”



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