LGBTIQ Human Mobility From July 1 to 9, 2022

Online and Free


This edition of the festival aims to make LGBTIQ migrants and refugees visible through the screening of short films. They highlight stories about experiences in hostile and hopeful contexts, and special emphasis is placed on the case of Venezuelan migration.

Declared of Cultural Interest by the Municipality of Quilmes, 2019.

Winner Projects in Collaboration 2019-2020 of the C.C. Recollect.

Winner of Circulation Scholarships- Promotion of the FNA 2019.

Cultural Patronage Winner 2021- Ministry of Culture, CABA.

Our Vision: to become a film festival that, from Argentina to the world, serves as an example in training, academic production and film activism on sexual and affective diversity.

Our Mission: from Argentina to offer an alternative on awareness of sexual and affective diversity through a cinematographic festival that integrates the exhibition of audiovisual narratives in short film format and new activist experiences.


Every time I see a photographic exhibition or a film that deals with the experiences of LGBTIQ migrants and refugees, when I read compilations of stories and poems in book format about «that» that is not foreign to me and has ceased to be «that», there is a questioning in me around the works and the way they are presented to me.

The subject becomes challenging when coming into contact with the prologues of the books and curatorial texts of the photographic exhibitions and film festivals on sexual diversity. The first challenge is to try to unravel some encrypted texts presented in a “specialized” or frankly far-fetched key. The second challenge is trying not to feel like “the bearded lady from the circus” exhibited by her weirdness. My sexual orientation, identity and migrant status would come to constitute those oddities. The third challenge is to understand that there are as many diverse views as there are diversities of thoughts, including those “curators” who write with a grain of truth about experiences that are alien to them.

As curator/programmer of the twelfth edition of CINEVERSATIL, International Short Film Festival on Diversity- Argentina, I have proposed to take care of, interpret and exhibit classified, ordered and, why not, staged content. Our LGBTIQ Human Mobility axis goes through me.

The 2022 edition marks a new stage for the festival. We began to function as an exhibition that has the challenge of curating/programming short films on specific approaches in relation to LGBTIQ people. We thought that we would have difficulties in receiving works on LGBTIQ migrants and refugees, and this was not the case. 92 shorts were pre-selected out of 418 presented, which met the requirement of the thematic axis. Finally, there were 26 short films selected in 6 different sections: Arcoíris Herido (addresses the hostile contexts that generate migrations), Arcoíris Tricolor (on the experiences of LGBT Venezuelan migrant people), Arcoíris Exiliados (experiences of sexiles), Arcoíris Esperanzador (optimistic visions), Arcoíris Separado (separation of same-sex couples for migratory reasons) and Arcoíris Local (on LGBTIQ internal migrations).

Jose Alirio Pena Zerpa




Source: Radio Power Strike with Latitud Gay


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