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Voc is the Latin root for vocal (vocalis) and voice. As such a vocasexual/romantic (/-alterous/-sensual/-queerplatonic/-platonic/etc) person will only be sexually or romantically attracted to someone if they find the person’s voice attractive. They will not find someone sexually or romantically appealing if they have not heard their voice. Some may narrow it down further to singing rather than just speaking.

For the flags I used the common symbol for vocals (three curved white lines) in white overtop a grey, blue, purple or green, and pink flag. They grey represents greysexuality/romanticism and demisexuality/romanticism which I feel this falls under as well as nonbinary genders with the blue and pink representing the gender binary as a vocasexual/romantic person could be attracted to anyone of any gender so long as they find their voice attractive. The purple and green represent asexuality and aromanticism, respectively.

Like most sexualities this can be paired with others; for example homo-vocasexual for people who are only sexually attracted to people of their same gender if they find their voice attractive.

This isn’t for all people who find voices attractive, that’s obviously quite common, this is for people who ONLY feel sexual or romantic attraction IF they find that person’s voice attractive. They WILL NOT find that person attractive otherwise. If they cannot hear the person’s voice for a while they may lose any attraction altogether until they’ve heard it again.






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