Trussardi First Product Drop Reflects New Course Under Serhat Işık and Benjamin A. Huseby

The limited-run logoed T-shirts will be sold starting April 22 with all proceeds benefiting the rehabilitation of abused greyhound dogs.

The Trussardi greyhound logo T-shirts.


DOG-À-GOGO: Trussardi’s first product drop under the creative direction of GmbH’s Serhat Işık and Benjamin A. Huseby signals the Berlin-based duo’s disruptive approach to the storied label, which was established 111 years ago.

The brand is debuting a limited-run T-shirt bearing the house’s signature greyhound logo, modernized into a graphic circular form inspired by the ouroboros, the ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. It also nods to Trussardi’s renewed focus on social and environmental responsibility.

To wit: all proceeds from the sale will benefit the Fundación Benjamín Mehnert, a Spanish organization that rescues and rehabilitates Spanish greyhounds bred to participate in races and often abused or abandoned.

“With this capsule, we wanted to celebrate the new Trussardi greyhound and what it symbolizes — the idea of circularity, the eternal renewal of life,” Işık said.

“We wanted everything about these T-shirts to reflect the essence of this circular greyhound — obviously starting from the graphics on the T-shirts, but also extending to the cotton materials…as well as the greyhound rehabilitation program we are supporting with the proceeds from the capsule sales,” Huseby echoed.

The T-shirts are crafted from GOTs-approved cotton cultivated in India from regenerative farms and are available in two variants, one featuring the logo on the back and the other on the front. They retail at 80 euros and will be exclusively available on the brand’s online store starting Friday.

The Trussardi greyhound logo T-shirts.


The responsible bent falls in line with the designers’ ethos, who last year introduced a full range of vegan shoes and accessories and have embedded recycled, organic or biodegradable fabrics in their own brand’s collections.

The duo is rewriting Trussardi’s rulebook, now bristling with the underground energy and edgy tailoring that the designers bring to the table. Their first designs for the Italian luxury brand bowed for fall 2022 last February with a show as part of Milan Fashion Week, which melded medieval fantasy and modern streetwear.

Before their appointment in May 2021, Trussardi had not had a creative director since Gaia Trussardi’s exit in 2018. She succeeded the likes of Umit Benan Sahin and Milan Vukmirovic.



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