TEN Profile

TEN Profile


Embark on an exhilarating exploration of TEN’s world, where talent knows no bounds. From the streets of Bangkok to the dazzling lights of K-pop stardom, TEN’s journey is a tale of relentless passion, diverse artistry, and the quest for global musical influence. As we unfold the chapters of his life, from his early auditions to his mesmerizing performances in NCT, WayV, and beyond, get ready to be captivated by the story of an artist who redefines the essence of versatility and charisma. Join us in celebrating TEN, a true maestro of the K-pop universe.


Born Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul in Bangkok, Thailand, TEN’s artistic journey began far from South Korea’s glitzy K-pop scene. His early exposure to various cultures and languages shaped his versatile artistry.

TEN’s path to fame was unconventional. Before his K-pop debut, he participated in ‘Teen Super Star’ in Thailand, showcasing his early passion for performance and setting the foundation for his future successes.


As a member of NCT and its Chinese subunit WayV, TEN has continually evolved, showcasing his prowess in dance, vocals, and rap. He navigates these roles with a flair unique to him, bringing a fresh perspective to each performance.

Joining SM Rookies was a pivotal moment for TEN, marking his entry into the world of K-pop. His development within this pre-debut team laid the groundwork for his debut in NCT U and subsequent roles in WayV and SuperM.

Achievements and Legacy

TEN’s achievements span across multiple K-pop subunits, each showcasing different aspects of his talent. His role in NCT U’s ‘The 7th Sense’ and WayV’s promotions highlight his adaptability and skill.

As a solo artist, TEN’s releases, including ‘Dream in a Dream’, have been well-received, demonstrating his ability to captivate audiences with his individual artistic vision. His journey reflects the evolving nature of K-pop and its global reach.


TEN’s fans, encompassing NCT’s and WayV’s followers, have played a significant role in his career. Their support has been instrumental in his journey from a group member to a solo artist.

The international fanbase of TEN, drawn to his multilingual skills and charismatic stage presence, celebrates his every achievement. They are a testament to his global appeal and the inclusive nature of K-pop fandom.

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Linguistic Maestro: TEN’s Multilingual Mastery

    • TEN’s multilingual abilities extend to Thai, English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, allowing him to connect with a diverse audience.

Early Aspirations: The Audition That Started It All

    • His journey in K-pop began with auditions for YG Entertainment, showcasing his early ambition and talent.

Artistic Flair Beyond Music: TEN’s Love for Photography and Art

    • A passion for photography and art complements his musical talents, adding depth to his artistic persona.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Overcoming a Knee Injury

    • TEN’s dedication to his craft is evident in his recovery from a knee injury, underscoring his commitment to dance and performance.

The Story Behind the Name: The Origin of ‘Ten’

    • Contrary to popular belief, ‘Ten’ is not just a stage name, but a nickname given to him by his family at birth. This endearing moniker, deeply rooted in his identity from the very beginning, adds a layer of authenticity to his stage presence. Interestingly, Ten’s favorite number is also 10, intertwining with his nickname in a unique way that resonates with his fans and adds a personal touch to his public persona.

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