Sacked teacher Joshua Sutcliffe claims ‘all sin’ deserves death

Joshua Sutcliffe on Talk TV



Former teacher Joshua Sutcliffe, who was banned from the profession following a series of allegations regarding misconduct, has said “all sin deserves the death penalty”.


During a segment on Piers Morgan’s TalkTV show, Uncensored, on Tuesday (22 May), Sutcliffe spoke about his advocacy against abortion rights and his devotion to biblical teachings.

Questioning Sutcliffe’s reliance on the scriptures, Morgan said: “Well, the Bible also teaches to stone people to death but we don’t do that in civilised places any more.”

Sutcliffe replied: “Well, that’s the penalty for sin, Piers.”

Morgan pushed a bit further, asking: “You think it’s right to stone people to death?”

To which the former teacher responded: “I think that all sin deserves the death penalty. Jesus died on the cross for sinners.” He then confirmed that he views adultery as a sin.

“All sin is punishable by death,” he added, to which the TV host replied: “That’s nuts, mate”.

Sutcliffe was barred for life from working in English schools after a ruling by the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) found him guilty of unacceptable conduct.

He refused to refer to a transgender student by their preferred pronouns in class, and also appeared on ITV show This Morning, where he again misgendered the child, which the TRA found “made it likely” that the pupil could have been identified.

The former maths teacher was also found to have expressed his views against same-sex marriage when asked by a pupil, as well as allegedly encouraging pupils to watch “inappropriate” videos about masculinity.

The misconduct panel also heard he shared videos on his YouTube channel, in which he claimed Muslims have a “false understanding of God” and that Muhammad was a “false prophet”.

The TRA upheld a number of allegations but claims he encouraged pupils to watch a video about false prophets were “not proven”.

The panel found he “failed to treat his pupils with dignity or to build relationships rooted in mutual respect” and “failed to have regard for the need to safeguard his pupils’ well-being”.

Sutcliffe is said to be determined to appeal the ruling.

During the Talk TV interview, Morgan said he agreed with Sutcliffe’s views on pronouns as he has “a big concern about the number of kids who are putting their hands up and saying: ‘I’m a man, I’m a woman’, when they’re not”.

Referring to Sutcliffe’s belief that all sin is punishable by the death penalty, Morgan said: “There’s no one left, there’s only you left, and I don’t feel comfortable about a world with only Joshua Sutcliffe alive.”

Morgan, who stepped down as anchor man of Good Morning Britain in March 2021 over his continued attacks against Meghan Markle, has a history of attacking some members of the LGBTQ+ community live on TV.


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