MSGM Men’s Spring 2023

A positive message and lively tropical prints blended in the approachable, feel-good collection Massimo Giorgetti designed for spring.

Aitor Rosas Sune



Massimo Giorgetti is a man of many talents, including picking poignant catchphrases to title his collections or print on MSGM T-shirts.

For spring, a new slogan appeared on the back of a flashy green sweater: “Never Look Back, It’s All Ahead!” It added to one offered by the venue — the outdoor space of Italian telecommunication company Fastweb’s headquarters, where a permanent installation reads “Tu sei il futuro,” or “You’re the future” in English.

For those charmed by words, it made for a powerful combination of messages, creating a hopeful vision of future possibilities. It also nodded to a familiar trajectory in Giorgetti’s approach to fashion, which always tunes into a present moment to point forward.

For those charmed by clothes, the collection was just as compelling. In line with the MSGM resort lineup unveiled earlier this month, Giorgetti envisioned an imaginary island filled with an idyllic paradise, positive vibes and easy-to-approach clothes.

Aitor Rosas Sune


Channeling a youthful, surfer aesthetic, the designer picked boxy shirts, baggy pants and shorts as well as relaxed tailoring as silhouettes of choice, often splashing them with black-and-white prints of tropical plants and exotic animals.

Hibiscus motifs bloomed on shirts and shorts, while banana-shaped brushstrokes covered other unfussy separates, adding to the lively narrative. Counterpointing the lightweight textures of cotton and poplin, knitwear was particularly strong thanks to fun jacquard cardigans, multicolor knits and unfinished details that added a crafty touch to the collection.

Aitor Rosas Sune


Even in its gray and black palette, tailoring oozed carefreeness and a dash of eccentricity thanks to its fluid volumes and printed lapels, while eye-catching seashell necklaces and the new sustainable, pastel-toned sneakers Giorgetti launched in partnership with the ACBC company finished off the look of MSGM’s cool islanders.

“We need to ignite some fantasy, to pass from dystopia to utopia,” said Giorgetti, but his collection was actually pleasantly straightforward and down to earth. Maybe that paradisiac destination he had in mind is not so out of reach.



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