Gucci Joins Polimoda in Educating Future Retail and Omnichannel Professionals

The luxury brand and the Florence-based fashion school are joing forces for an omnichannel-centered master’s course debuting this fall.

Polimoda students

GUCCI’S CASE STUDY: Strengthening its partnership with Gucci that began in 2018, Polimoda is teaming with the Kering-owned luxury brand on a new master course debuting in the fall that will focus on fashion retail and omnichannel management.

The Florence-based fashion school said the course reflects the evolution of shopping habits and the increased importance of omnichannel strategies to integrate brick-and-mortar retail with online operations.

“Fashion brands are now facing new challenges to win over consumers. An elegant shop, an online store window full of products and an influencer post are no longer enough. Everyone wants what they cannot find, something exclusive. Luxury shoppers desire unique and unforgettable experiences both online and offline,” said Massimiliano Giornetti, director of Polimoda.

“Thanks to the collaboration with Gucci, this master’s course will prepare a new generation of professionals in omnichannel retail, capable of guiding brands with content creation and innovative experiences for consumers,” he said.

Gucci has been ramping up its efforts on this front with such initiatives as its Gucci 9 global client service, the Gucci Osteria franchise seen as instrumental in luring consumers in store while providing digital activations, such as the Gucci Vault platform and a recent venture into metaverse territory, as reported.

“Omnichannel is playing an increasingly central role in fashion and luxury brands strategies. At Gucci, we have been working for years to offer our customers an immersive and seamless experience, integrating the physical and digital realms as much as possible. We are therefore delighted to continue our collaboration with Polimoda and contribute to the training of a new generation of talents who, more than ever, will be called upon to anticipate and interpret the changes in the world of luxury retail,” noted Oscar Mariani, Gucci’s senior vice president of omnichannel operations and performance.

Divided into four learning modules, the nine-month academic course will tackle topics spanning from the state of the luxury fashion business to retail management in an omnichannel environment, as well store concepts. At the end of the course, students will be eligible for internships and job opportunities at the Kering-owned luxury brand.

The course will be officially presented to future students and the public during a webinar hosted by Polimoda on May 23 with speakers including Mariani and Francesco Falai, Gucci’s SVP, global people and retail business functions, as well as former Polimoda students now working at the fashion house.


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