Far-Right Groups Engage in Disturbing Confrontation at Oregon’s Inaugural Pride Night

Tensions Escalate as Far-Right Groups Disturb Peace at Oregon’s Landmark Pride Celebration

Far-Right Groups Engage in Disturbing Confrontation at Oregon’s Inaugural Pride Night


A distressing altercation between the Proud Boys and the Rose City Nationalists, both far-right groups, occurred near Oregon’s first-ever Pride Night festival, raising concerns about safety and the impact on the local LGBTQ+ community.

Oregon’s first-ever Pride Night festival, held on June 24, was marred by an unsettling confrontation between two far-right groups, the Proud Boys and the Rose City Nationalists. The incident, which was captured on video, took place in close proximity to the Pride event where attendees were raising funds for local LGBTQ+ youth.

According to reports from Oregon Live and social media accounts, the clash ensued when both groups arrived with the intention of protesting against the Pride event. The video footage reveals members of the Proud Boys wielding flag poles and attempting to unmask members of the opposing group. Shouts such as “get the fk out of here” and “be gone, b*h” can be heard in the background.

The altercation was reportedly sparked by suspicions within one group that the other contained undercover FBI agents. The presence of these far-right groups and their aggressive behavior raised concerns about the safety and well-being of the Pride event attendees.

Oregon City police captain Shaun Davis informed Oregon Live that police officers arrived shortly after the clash was reported. By that time, the groups had started to disperse. “We’re looking into videos that have surfaced on social media to see if we can identify people,” Davis stated. Two individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct and were later released.

The Proud Boys, a group known for its involvement in the storming of the US Capitol in January 2021, has a history of protesting at LGBTQ+ events, including Drag Queen Story Hours. Their presence at such events has often been met with strong support for the queer community.

It was reported last month that the Proud Boys were planning several protests to disrupt Pride events across America. Statements from members of the group suggested that they should “focus on straight love and the love of our straight lives,” and that they should “go bully the queers.”

The incident at Oregon’s Pride Night festival underscores the importance of vigilance and community support in ensuring the safety and inclusivity of events that celebrate diversity and LGBTQ+ rights. It is imperative that such events remain spaces of joy, acceptance, and solidarity, free from intimidation and aggression.

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